The Versatility of Stone

The Versatility of Stone

There is nothing quite as picturesque and charming as driving through the countryside and coming across a pretty little village lined with stone houses each cornered off with a quirky stone wall. This idyllic scene is a regular feature throughout Great Britain’s landscape, with counties like Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Devon being all but synonymous stone houses, churches, and courtyards.

If you thought that stone was a material with limited uses then you’d be mistaken. The truth is that stone is highly versatile and can be used for many purposes – practical and decorative.

Stone has a natural beauty and despite withholding a unique texture can be worked into a variety of finishes to create a rather special construction or feature. Put simply, stone can help create a defined and polished look that will augment the beauty of a space, whether it’s traditional or modern.

Take a look at three of the many different stone masonry products where you can use stone to enhance the beauty of practically any space.

A Stone Fireplace

When you walk into a living room the eye is naturally drawn to the fireplace. There is something about fireplaces made out of stone that denote feelings of cosiness, character and homeliness. Layer upon layer of natural stone comprising of pink, grey, blue, and even greenish tones surrounding a cast iron woodburning stone would be the focal point of any home.

Not only does stone make a great material for fireplaces for aesthetical reasons but, being a fireproof material, stone provides a practical solution for a fireplace.

Wall Stone Panels

As delighted with your stone fireplace you might be, you don’t have to confine stone to this central feature of a room. Stone panels enable you to transform the rustic cosiness of a stone fireplace to other parts of the house.
Being a relatively new addition to the world of fireplaces, stone panels have become extremely popular in practically no time at all. Stone panels essentially comprise of different fragments of stone, glued together to form a bigger piece of stone, similar to a tile. When numerous stone panels are positioned on together it creates one unified stone wall.

The beauty of stone panels is that they come in a huge variety of tones and textures, such as a shiny slate grey, rough rustic yellow and smooth terracotta. If you are on a tight budget but are intent on transforming the overall look of a room, then stone panels are an affordable way to give virtually any room in the house a quick and effective makeover.

Stone Garden Features

There is nothing quite like features made from natural materials to enhance the naturalism of our gardens. From stepping stones forming an interesting and quirky path from one end of the garden to another, to a grand and flamboyant stone fountain being the centrepiece of an outdoor space, when it comes to landscaping our gardens, the versatility of stone makes it a natural choice for many landscapers and homeowners.

Stone Staircases

If a stonemason is skilled enough then he or she can make practically anything. A fondness for stone features needn’t stop at fireplaces and garden features. Implementing stone into a building project brings with it creativity and uniqueness and none so more than stone staircases.

Houses and other buildings which feature stone staircases radiate solidity, quality, grandness and taste – Just another way to utilise the versatility of stone..

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