Four Essential Features of a Georgian House

Four Essential Features of a Georgian House

The word ‘Georgian’ denotes grandeur, opulence and stateliness. Georgian architecture refers to the set of architectural styles between the early eighteenth century and the mid nineteenth century. The word Georgian bares its name from the four British monarchs of the House of Hanover – George I, George II, George III and George IV.
The grand elegance of the Georgian home, which is often adorned in elaborate detail, became so popular that it even became a common architectural feature in Colonial America, whereby many houses imitate the English architecture of this period.

It has certainly maintained its reputation as being a home confined to those with money and good taste, but which stylistic traits actually denote a Georgian style house? In short, what are the essential interior features of a Georgian house so that homeowners can cunningly disguise their property as a Georgian mansion?

Stone staircases

There is nothing quite like a flamboyant staircase to augment the lavishness of an interior. It has to be said that staircases made out of stone amplify these feelings of superiority and grandeur even further. As such magnificence can be found in Georgian houses, complementing an opulent interior with a stone staircase would go a long way in fulfilling those aspirations to create an interior that is fit for a Georgian home.

This natural, durable and ultra-versatile material creates an elegant and timeless look that most man-made products rarely recreate. It is no wonder that ancient pyramids were made out of this stunning material.
Staircases made of stone that sweep and spiral to an imposing elevation never fail to craft a striking look that is synonymous with the style and grandeur of a Georgian home.

Stone Features

If there is one thing that stands out in the photographs accompanying a feature of the ten most opulent party pads in the world, it is the quirky stone features that dominate the properties’ extensive gardens and grounds. It is almost uncanny how such simple architectural stone can be used and designed in such a way that it can denote such luxury, lavishness and taste.

Aga Stoves

A stately kitchen simply wouldn’t be complete without an aga stove. To replicate a true Georgian manor house style, ensure that you kit your kitchen out with an aga stove.

Not only do aga stoves heat a home effectively and are environmentally friendly but they also put a timeless, elegant and Georgian stamp on a kitchen. As the kitchen is the hub of a house an aga goes a long way in creating an interior fit for an eighteenth century English mansion.

Stone Fireplace

If an aga is the focal point of a kitchen a fireplace is certainly the principal point in a lounge. Being such a central feature in a home fireplaces deserve to be magnificent and eye-catching, particularly if you want to create a Georgian-like persona.

It has to be said that stone fireplaces are difficult to surpass in assisting with the creation of a Georgian style interior. Fireplaces made out of natural stone, including granite, slate and limestone craft a classic and luxurious look. Although it has to be said that many of the essential design elements of a stone fireplace originate from the great English houses of the 1300s and 1400s. Nonetheless they still resonate opulence of the Georgian mansions even if the opulent stone fireplace were present in the Tudor, Elizabethan and Jacobean times.

These are just four ways you can implement certain features into your home to create an interior design that is fit for royalty.


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