Five reasons why you should build with stone

Five reasons why you should build with stone

When it comes to using stone as a building material, we either seem to love the traditional and rustic look or would rather pass it by, preferring a more modern, uniform and ‘even’ appearance. Although love it or loathe it, we cannot deny that stone has several advantages over other building materials. Here are five of them…

It’s Unique

Much of the beauty of stone lies in its individuality and uniqueness. In fact can you think of another building material that has so many different colours and patterns as stone?

The numerous surface finishing processes makes the variety of stone almost unlimited. This therefore gives designers and builders a huge scope of where and how to utilise stone to create a visually-inspiring building.

It Wears Well

Stone is the longest lasting building material that there is and buildings have been made out of stone for as far as history goes back. Dry stone walls for example have been used by humans for centuries. One of the reasons that stone has been exploited as a building material for so long is because of its durability and the fact that it wears so well.

Stone has even been described as being like a good wine, reaching optimum appearance in its maturing years. Even stone that has been on a building for hundreds of years can be restored to its former glory with relatively minimal effort.

An Ecological Choice

As stone is found naturally in practically its finished form, no energy is required to manufacture it. The only energy that is required is in the extracting and processing procedures. When stone is extracted it is done so from relatively small quarries without the need for major blasting operations.

What’s more, the stone that is not used and is considered to be waste can be utilised by filling in the parts of the quarry where the stone has originally been extracted from. Compared to other building materials, this lack of manufacturing required and the fact that nothing is lost in the extraction cycle makes stone an extremely environmentally-friendly choice.

Environmentally Compatible

As well as being environmentally-friendly, stone is also environmentally-compatible. This essentially means that because it is a natural material, it contains no pollutants that may be damaging to the atmosphere and to peoples’ health.

In a fire, some building materials become toxic and give off harmful gases. Requiring no additional auxiliary chemical substances, such as coatings and impregnating agents, natural stone does not give off any harmful chemicals in a fire.

Competitively Priced

When we embark on a building project most of us have a budget worked out and want to get the project done as economically as possible. Stone is attractively priced and compared to many other building materials, can help keep your project’s budget within respectable levels.

As well as being competitively priced the fact that stone wears so well and will last so long, replacement costs are virtually annulled with this natural material..

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