Stone is one of the most versatile materials available in construction: It has been used for thousands of years in all sorts of amazing structures; from the Pyramids to the precision cut multi-hundred ton blocks cut by the civilisations of South America . It is a natural and timeless material that has an inherent beauty that man made products can’t reproduce. You may not want to build your own pyramid or temple, but you may have some inspired vision, or design ideas that you would like to turn into reality. Manorhouse Stone can help you achieve that aim. If it’s possible to make something from stone, then we can make it. We can make your property totally unique, and something that you can be proud of. You may want to incorporate stone detail that you have seen on some other grand (or modest) building, or you may want to design a truly one-off structure. If it is possible, then we can do it. Just send us your ideas, and drawings, or come and see us, and we will discuss your requirements and prepare you a quotation.

We have created a great selection of stone staircases for our clients. Just click on any of the pictures below for more details